Dead Paradise: Race Shooter

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Dead Paradise: Race Shooter is an apocalyptic car game where you have to shoot your enemies. Drive and shoot your enemies at the same time to finish the level! Your goal is not only to finish the race, but to survive it. Your enemies will come after you in all sorts of vehicles. Finish the level and earn coins to upgrade your car in the garage. There are missile upgrades, armor upgrades, engine upgrades and fuel upgrades to unlock that will increase your damage, health and speed. There are even other awesome looking vehicles that you can buy. Visit the saloon in the main menu to get new missions or press on the map to select a misson and collect your rewards after returning. to the home base. Next to that, there are daily mission you can pick up be clicking on the man sitting at the fire. These daily missions will give you some extra rewards. If you want a quick solution, press the camera in the main menu to gain some gold or fuel, or open the daily loot chest. Make sure to use all your coins and gear to upgrade your car, so you'll have a better chance of making it to the finish. Can you survive in Dead Paradise: Race Shooter?

Control in the game Dead Paradise Racing Shooter on the computer is carried out using the mouse and keyboard buttons Acceleration - Up Arrow Slow Down - Down Arrow Rocket Launch - X Adjust Firing Direction - Z Nitro - Space


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