Gangster Hero Grand Simulator

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Get ready to embrace your inner superhero (or villain) with Super Gangster Hero Grand Simulator, the exciting new game available now on Whether you prefer driving a car or a motorcycle, this game has you covered. As a thug, you'll be feared throughout the city, which is modeled after the bustling streets of Miami and Las Vegas (but is actually New York).

If you're a fan of super hero games or gangster crime simulator games, then Super Gangster Hero Grand Simulator is the perfect game for you. With immersive gameplay and endless replayability, it's sure to keep you entertained for hours on end. And the best part? It's available for free on, the ultimate destination for kids looking to play the best games online. So why wait? play Super Gangster Hero Grand Simulator today and start living out your superhero (or villain) dreams.

W -Accelerate, S -Backward, A -Steer Left, D -Steer Right,
C -Change Camera, R-Reset Car, Space – Jump, L-Shift – Sprint / Nitro, M -Map,
F -Car Enter/Exit, I -Instructions, P/Esc -Pause, H -Horn, Q -Roll, E -Inventory, Z -Radio


Action Shooting 3D




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