Pocket Sniper - Sniper Game

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Aim through your gun compass and make your stylish shot! Gameplay ▲ Hold and drag your gun compass to end, release to shoot ▲ When aiming at moving target, time your shot for the stylish outgrowth ▲ Upgrade armament regularly ▲ Shoot structures and energy tank for redundant fun Game features ▲ Simple firing with a mystification twist ▲ Low on coin? Perk stages will fix you up ▲ Collect all 5 gun rifles and adventure in different charts ▲ Horizonless ammo, so do n’t be hysterical if you missed your target Stay frosty! Influence your head and moxie in sniping to bring them down.

- Hold and drag your sniper scope to aim release to shoot - When aiming at moving target time your shot for the best outcome - Upgrade weapon regularly - Shoot buildings and fuel tank for extra fun


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