Prison Break: Lockdown

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You have been sentenced to dying for murder. However, handiest you recognize you failed to dedicate the crime. Solve the puzzles, find out the hidden objects, control the prisoners and guards, use your abilties and do some thing it takes to break out, and perhaps then you may get a risk to show your innocence. ↗ An addictive jail break out game! ↗ Great, tough and a laugh puzzles! ↗ Hidden objects, locks & keys and extra demanding situations await! ↗ Addicting mini puzzles! ↗ Gorgeous photos and specific themed rooms! ↗ Easy and a laugh to play!

You have been sentenced to death for murder However only you know you didn t commit the crime Solve the puzzles discover the hidden objects manipulate the prisoners and guards use your skills and do whatever it takes to escape and maybe then you ll


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